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Mayors Message

As I am looking out the window today, the sun is shining and although it is still cold, I am looking forward to spring and the warmer weather that is sure to come. It seems like a good time to give an update on our Village Parks and this year’s funded projects.

Garrett Park is in the process of major renovation. Just this last week I met with Choice One Engineering. They are finishing up their measurements and studies and will be giving us suggestions for renovation specifics very soon. The next step will be to make our final decisions, and put our choices up for bids. Garrett Park is fully funded, in part by a capital grant of $200,000 from the State of Ohio, and will have a fully inclusive playground. The process is moving along, and just like with most processes, the middle part can be a bit messy and chaotic, but the final results will be worth the hassles, so we all need to be patient as the different steps are accomplished.

Our next major park project will be to update and enlarge the parking area at Converse Park. This will greatly benefit the entire neighborhood, as the parking near Converse is not sufficient for the park’s use.

The third update will affect both Converse and Westwood Parks. Ballfields at both parks will see renovations. Converse field 1 will be receiving all new outfield and foul line fencing, and Converse field 2 will get a new backstop, renovated dugouts and new foul-line fencing.

Over at Westwood players will get to enjoy a new backstop and foul line fencing.

It’s going to be a great year for our parks!

Meetings on Feb. 1 and 15, at Village Hall.

Jefferson Township Board of Trustees

Meetings on Feb. 10 and 24th, 6:30pm in Township Administration Office, 225 Cemetery Rd., WJ.

WJ Board of Education

Meeting on Feb. 8, 7pm in the WJ High School Auditorium.

Meeting on Feb. 3 at 6:30pm in Village Council chambers, 28 E. Main St., WJ.

There is a small increase in rates coming to your utility bills this year from 2019

legislation, with the trash rate increasing by $0.75 and a 5% increase to sewer fees. This will impact most bills by just over $2.00.

Water bills are due Feb. 15.

Try our new auto pay service. Stop in to sign up, or go to the website. and scroll to the bottom for the printable form.

Covid-19 Vaccinations

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 12-3pm at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center.

Check the website for weekly activities and programs. This month our back page features our wonderful West Jefferson Library!


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