council members

Jen Warner: Ward 3, President of Council, (614) 348-2550

Linda Hall : Ward 2, Vice President of Council, (614) 879-6081

Mike Conway: Councilman at Large, (614) 804-2177

Howard Wade Jr. : Ward 4, (614) 202-5145

Richard King: Councilman at Large, (614) 554-0815

Jeff Patterson: Councilman at Large, (614) 204-5980

Samantha Cahill: Ward 1, (614) 560-9558

Clerks of Council 

Jimmy John HallClerk of  Council, (614) 379-5231
Debbie DiLeo: Assistant Clerk of Council




PUBLIC SERVICE.....(Chairperson) Howard Wade, Samantha Cahill, and Jeff Patterson


POLICE.....(Chairperson) Samantha Cahill, Linda Hall, and Howard Wade


FINANCE.....(Chairperson) Linda Hall, Jen Warner, and Samantha Cahill


EMPLOYEE BENEFITS.....(Chairperson) Richard King, Mike Conway, and Howard Wade


PARKS AND REC.....(Chairperson) Jeff Patterson, Mike Conway, and Jen Warner


DEVELOPMENT.....(Chairperson) Jen Warner, Linda Hall, and Richard King


SPECIAL EVENTS.....(Chairperson) Mike Conway, Jeff Patterson, and Richard King


2021 Minutes