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Village Happenings

March, 2021

Mayors Message

Wow, February really packed a wintery punch! Spring officially begins on Saturday, March 20, but here in the Village, the unofficial start to spring is a week earlier when all the downtown flower pots with their spring arrangements begin to appear. Thank you to all the individuals and organizations that do such a great job making our downtown a little brighter.

Madison County Health Department is continuing to vaccinate our citizens, helping to end the COVID-19 pandemic. I had the opportunity to direct traffic during one of their clinics on the coldest day of the year, and was amazed at their hard work and cheerfulness. In less than 90 minutes, those health professionals were able to serve over 400 residents. It was really something to see their professionalism and skill. Thank you, Madison County Health Department!

On March 27, we will have our first community event of the year, the Egg Hunt and Celebration at Converse Park. As we gather together, safely and with appropriate mask wearing and social distancing, remember that last year we were not able to gather at all, and let’s enjoy what we can, respectfully remembering loved ones and neighbors who are no longer with us.

Spring is coming, let’s make it a good one!

What’s Happening

Village Council

Meetings on March 1 and 15 at the Community Center at 7pm

Jefferson Township Board of Trustees

Meetings on March 10 and 24 at 6:30pm in Township Hall, 225 Cemetery Rd., WJ


WJ Board of Education

Meeting on March 8, 7pm in the WJ High School Auditorium

Zoning Commission

Meeting on March 3 at 6:30pm in Village Council chambers, 28 E. Main St., WJ

Utility Department

Water Bills are due on or before March 15 to avoid late charges.

Try our new auto pay service. Stop in to sign up at the Water Department office, 28 E. Main St., West Jefferson

Tax Department

Tax season is here! If you need assistance with your West Jefferson income tax, please visit the Tax Department at 28 E. Main Street. We will have special evening hours on April 7 and 14 until 7pm, and will be open Saturday, April 10, from 8-noon.


Check the website for weekly activities and programs.

Parks and Recreation

Community Egg Hunt and Celebration

Saturday, March 27 at Converse Park. Special needs hunts start at 9:30am, all other activities begin at noon.

WJ Wastewater Treatment Facility

Clean, fresh tap water is something most of us expect as part of our daily routine. We also expect all our waste water (and waste products!) to swirl down and out of sight and mind every time we flush. Thanks to our state-of-the-art Wastewater Treatment Facility here in West Jefferson, expectation is reality. The chart to the left is a simplification of the process that takes around 61 hrs. There are seven different steps; Screening, Grit Removal, EQ Tank, Oxidation Ditches, Secondary Clarification, Chlorine Contact Tank, and Cascade Aeration from the time the raw sewage enters the treatment facility to its clean exit. This aerobic system means the usual sewage smell is almost nonexistent.

Solids are returned to the bioreactor to be reaerated after clarification. This waste sludge goes to a thickener which increases the solids content from 0.4% to 3.5% solids. The thickener pumps directly into the sludge digesters. Typically, sludge is hauled out twice a year to apply to farm fields.

Temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen levels at Little Darby Creek are analyzed using portable handheld instrumentation. During the summer months (May-Oct), E. coli samples are also analyzed. Water samples are sent to an outside lab for nitrogen, ammonia, total phosphorus, and hardness testing.


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