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February 2024 Mayor's Message

When you read this, I will have just returned from a trip to Ecuador to visit my son and his family, but for me, that is still about to happen, and boy, am I excited for this trip.

This has me thinking about how we look forward to things, and how much we can get from planning for a wonderful future, even when we don’t know all the details. My son just told me that the two of us are going to be spending a night in the Amazon Rain forest at a place called Monkey Island. I really don’t know what to expect, but it will be a new experience, and a great time with my son.

We have a wonderful future ahead. The Village is financially stable, and because of business growth, we are able to be self sufficient and provide important services like our police department and local utilities. We are the largest Village in the state of Ohio and will probably grow to be a city at the next census, and that requires planning as well, especially for all the behind-the-scenes changes that being a city requires.

Madison County is growing. New houses are being built in communities all around us. West Jefferson needs new housing as well, and we are being careful with the allowed growth. Annexation allows us to have some say in the builds, but for land that is not part of the Village, we have no say, and no oversight. Keep that in mind when proposals are made and be a part of the official discussion by attending meetings when you can. Your opinion matters because it is your future! Let’s continue to work together to make it a wonderful one.


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