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January Mayor's Message

Welcome to 2024! The start of a new year is always special. After a little over indulgence during the holidays, and the chance to give and receive some gifts, and time with friends and loved ones, it is nice to take a moment and think about the future.

A lot of people make resolutions, usually to become a little skinnier in the body, or fatter in the wallet. Maybe some of your resolutions include more exercise, or less time in front of a screen. Most of us do alright for a few days or weeks, but old habits are hard to break, and new ones are even tougher to make into habits. This year, although I could use some of the standard resolutions, I think I am going to focus on being a little kinder, a little bit more forgiving, and trying to see things from the perspective of others. I saw a quote recently that says, “Kindness is doing what you can, where you are, with what you have.” I like that because it opens up so many possibilities for me, and everyone else. We live in a great community, with wonderful people. If we all just make the smallest effort to see other points of view, listen and do what we are able to do when opportunities are there, our Village will be even better. I am grateful to have this new year, with a new term as Mayor of the best Village around. I am excited to work with our new Council members, and those who are continuing to serve. We have dedicated employees and even more improvements ahead in 2024. It is going to be a fantastic year!


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