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July Mayor's Message

There isn’t any place I’d rather celebrate Independence Day than right here in West Jefferson. I really enjoy the wonderful events that happens here each year, thanks to the hard work of the Street Fest, Inc. The Association needs some new volunteers to keep things going. Their core group is aging out, and having a hard time finding recruits. Time for the next generation to step up and maybe even bring in a new idea or two. It’s not to late to help out this year in some small way. Many hands make light work, my mother used to say! If you are interested, contact Bob Harper,

Village Hall is getting some much-needed upgrades to our computers and to the Village website. We are in the messy middle of  that right now, so be a little patient as we make the transitions. This means that, temporarily, you may not be able to call over the phone for utility payments, as programs need to be loaded on new equipment. Thank you for your patience. All other forms of payment, including walking into the office will still be available.

Happy Independence Day!


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