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Mayors Message

Last week, a tremendous thing happened, not just here in West Jefferson, but in all of Madison County. During the busy holiday season, where time and finances are often a little, or maybe a lot stretched, the residents of West Jefferson, London, Mt. Sterling and Plain City filled not one, but two trucks and a trailer with thousands of pounds of supplies for the people of Mayfield, Kentucky.

Mount Sterling Mayor Marci Darlington organized the effort she called “Mayors of Madison County for Mayfield” and the people of West Jefferson were willing partners. On December 22 I got to go help load the truck here in the Village, and then participate in the wonderful necessity of getting a second truck, a trailer, a second set of drivers, and funding for the journey.

I got to hear words like “Feels good” and “Extra effort” and “Thrilled” and “Generous”, but the words that I thought about most were from Plain City Mayor Jody Carney, when she said “Let’s get the giving going.”

So often, our tiny first steps don’t count for much, but when they are added to by others, great things happen. When London residents filled the first truck, and a second truck, then a trailer were needed, that’s what happened. When more drivers were needed, our residents Shawn and Tyler Trein and Herman Stanley volunteered, and Shelton Stanley represented the Village. When Marci had an idea, she enlisted others to make it a great idea. I live in the best community!

The Village of West Jefferson, 2021

You will have personal memories of this past year, but here are a few pictures to remind you of some of the shared experiences of the Village.

Maybe you went to your first Summer at the Movies in Westwood, or your grandchildren attended a Lunch and Learn or Fishing Derby. New playground equipment, new murals and a new road were all welcome this year. Many of us got our vaccinations from the Health Department at a drive-thru clinic, or at The Happy Druggist. We lined the streets for the Vietnam Wall memorial, and mourned loved ones who have passed for any reason this year.

Let’s now look forward to a wonderful 2022.

What’s Happening

Village Council

Meetings on Jan. 3 and Jan. 17 at Village Hall at 7pm.

Jefferson Township Board of Trustees

Meetings on Jan. 12 and Jan. 26 at 6:30pm in Township Hall, 225 Cemetery Rd., WJ.

WJ Board of Education

Meeting on Jan. 10, 7pm in the WJ High School Auditorium

Planning Commission

Meeting on Jan. 5 at 6:30pm at the Community Center

Utility Department

Water Bills are due on or before January 15 to avoid late charges.

Parks and Rec

Garrette Park renovations continue. Stay tuned for information on the grand reopening!


Check the website for weekly activities and programs.

Police Dept.

Thank you for your generosity for the adopt a family program and food for the food pantry.

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