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What's Happening!

September 2022

Mayors Message

About two years ago, we had an artist create a pictorial map of West Jefferson landmarks. You can see copies of it in the water department, and on the back wall of the stairwell as you go up to Council Chambers. I took a good look at it the other day, and noticed that some of those landmarks don’t look the same. The parks are all being updated, and the old equipment has been replaced. The water tower renovation was just completed, and it is now much cleaner and brighter and has the Village Logo painted on it. This got me to thinking about some of the other visable changes around the Village the past couple of years, like the new curbing and road resurfacing along Lilly Chapel Road, a new electronic sign for Village Hall, several new businesses along Main Street and the amazing murals by Raine Coltfelter that reflect our Village image so well.

What hasn’t changed is the core spirit of the Village of West Jefferson. We are a community that looks out for each other, that celebrates together, and that mourns together, then lifts together. I am grateful to call West Jefferson my home!

Residents, What is Backflow, and Why Should I Care?

Backflow is when contaminated water flows BACKWARDS into the public drinking water system instead of out. This can happen in TWO ways:

1. Back pressure; more pressure pushing the water back through the system than the pressure pushing the water into the system, OR

2. Back siphonage; when a partial vacuum is created, causing water to flow in reverse, bringing contaminated water into the system.

BACK SIPHONAGE Let’s say your neighbor, Matt, decided to fill his pool and add chemicals to get ready for a party this weekend. Great! You are excited to go swimming and have a fun evening.

Matt decided to submerge the hose into the pool, to keep it filling, and then added the chemicals. But Matt didn’t know that by putting the hose under the water, his hose was now attached to a partial, undetected vacuum in the public water system, and water from the pool was being sucked back into the hose, and into the water supply system.

Meanwhile, your kids are getting all their supplies ready for a lemonade stand, including filling pitchers with tap water in your kitchen, tap water that is now contaminated with Matt’s pool water. YUCK!

On Saturday, the day of the party, half the neighborhood is sick, nobody can go to Matt’s party, and everybody is blaming YOU for bad lemonade! How to Protect Your Drinking Water · Do keep the ends of hoses clear of all possible contaminants · Do make sure dishwashers are installed with a proper “air gap” device · Do verify and install a simple hose bibb vacuum breaker on all threaded faucets · Do provide at least one inch of “air gap” above drains for any water treatment device like a water softener · Don’t submerge hoses in buckets, pools, tubs, sinks or ponds · Don’t use spray attachments without a backflow prevention device · Don’t connect waste pipes from water softeners or other treatment systems directly to the sewer or submerged drain pipe. Always make sure there is a one inch “air gap” separation.

BACK PRESSURE Anytime there is an increase in water pressure that raises the system pressure above the supply pressure, it can reverse the flow of water BACK to you instead of away. This cause is out of the homeowner’s control.

Village Council

Meetings on Tuesday, September 6 and Monday, September 19 at Village Hall at 7pm.

Jefferson Township Board of Trustees

Meetings on September 7 and September 21 at 6:30pm in Township Hall, 225 Cemetery Rd., WJ.

WJ Board of Education

Meeting on September 12, 7pm in the WJ High School Auditorium.

Planning Commission

Meeting on Wednesday, September 7, at 6:30pm in Council Chambers.

Utility Department

Water Bills are due on or before September 15 to avoid late charges.

Parks and Rec

Ox Roast Dance at Garrette Park, Saturday, September 3 from 7-9PM.

Grand Opening Celebration for Garrette Park, Saturday, September 17.

Mother & Son dance, “Dancing with the Waves”, Saturday, September 24 from 6-8PM at the Community Center. FREE!


Check the website for weekly activities and programs.

Fall Festival

Parks & Rec is gearing up for the Fall

Festival, October 22 from 6-9pm. Many

volunteers are needed, for a variety of

activities both before and the day of the

event. Please contact Shelton Stanley, or (614) 307-6543 if you are interested!


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